Academaze – the awesome new book by Xykademiqz

The road of an academic scientist is long and tortuous. Many pitfalls await the hapless young researcher, so any advice is always a great bonus. I have been relying on Twitter and a bunch of great blogs (see my blogroll) to get my fix of do’s and don’ts in academia, and it has served me well – I now have the coveted group leader position at a major university in Poland and I use the blogroll as a constant source of information and support in my ivory tower woes. One of my favorite blogs has always been xykademiqz, written¬†by a successful mid-career group leader in the physical sciences. The blog is filled with great advice and down-to-earth musings on the “human” side of research. That’s why I was really excited when I heard that xykademiqz is coming out with a book, which, as I understand, is a collection of her most successful blog entries organized in a way that will make for an interesting narrative. The book is here, and I got a glimpse of it as an early access reader. Let me tell you this – it is pure gold! Even though some parts are specific for academia in the USA and others are focused on physical sciences, the book is an absolute must-read for anyone who is either thinking of a career in research or has already embarked on the path. For those of us who are already pretty far advanced along the academic career path, it is like a sage experienced colleague who tells you – “Yes I’ve been through that – here’s how you cope”. For the newbies it gives you a taste of what lies ahead and helps you along the way – sort of like a great caring PhD/postdoc advisor that many have not had the luck to have. Go, read it NOW!

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