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Welcome to my website!Photo_PN

I am a biomedical researcher specializing in biochemical mechanisms of cell signaling. I work as group leader at the Centre of New Technologies, Uniwersity of Warsaw. I am also an avid reader of fiction, popular science, self-help, and history books. For fun, I draw and enjoy an occasional video game session. Finally, I am a proud daddy of two beautiful (and super smart) daughters Julia and Wiktoria.
Please visit the blog for my latest thoughts and adventures. Feel free to leave comments – I love having on-line discussions on topics I feel passionate about. If you are interested in my research work or would like to collaborate, please visit my lab website. There, you will find some of my recent publications, and highlights of my current research projects.

Enjoy your visit,
Pawel Niewiadomski
pawelthebiologist /at/ gmail /dot/ com

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